Jet Ski Dockong attached to floating dock

Jet Ski Docking Easy on - off the water

Jet Ski Docking Side by Side

Attach Jet Ski Docking to fixed or floating docks

Connect to floating or fixed docks with the selection of accessories and anchoring options. The Connect-A-Port / Dandy Dock comes in five colors options to match your dock.

This Jet Ski Port can be installed to virtually any floating or fixed docks. Floating dock installations will use a set of metal hinges while fixed dock installations will use 2” poles and pole connectors. Need a little more floatation for your Port or extra walkway?

“We are extremely satisfied with both Dandy Dock’s quality and attention to detail. The installation was easy and they function great!” - Brian Steinfeldt - Gary, TX

Connect-A-Port 2XL - Dandy Dock 2XL Jet Ski Port shown in Dark Gray

Connect-A-Port 2XL

Connect-A-Port 2XL - 6" Longer and More Rollers

Model: CAP0002

  • Size:
  • 157" x 58.5" x 23" (398.8 cm x 148.6 cm x 58.4 cm)

  • Maximum flotation:
  • 1700 lbs (771 kg)

  • Weight:
  • Weight: 340 lbs (154.2 kg)

Jet Ski Rental Side by Side connection

Connect-A-Port - Original

Model: CAP0001

  • Size:
  • 151” x 59” x 26.5” (383.5 cm x 149.9 cm x 67.3 cm)

  • Maximum flotation:
  • 1550 lbs (703 kg)

  • Weight:
  • Weight: 333 lbs (151 kg)

Jet Ski Docking on inner coastal waterway

Looking for 1,2,3 or 4 seat PWC docking system?

Then Connect-APort 2Xl - Dandy Dock 2XL is the port for you, universal hull support makes docking Jetski, Sea-Doo or Waverunners easier with the added length and Stoltz Keel & Bow rollers. Idle up to dock...roll off to launch.

Do you have more then one Personal Watercraft? If so when placing ports together, check out a Side by Side Kit.

Buy online - a variety of Jet Ski Port accessories!

Connect-A-Port 2XL attached to Flaoting Dock - Jet Ski Docking

A Jet Ski docking system for a variety docks - Fixed or Floating Dock

Fixed dock or a variety of floating docks can attach Dandy Dock jet ski ports, made from ultra tough polyethylene plastic and come in five stylish colors. Also take a look at the different accessories options.

Connect the PWC port on the front or side

The on the PWC port. Dandy Dock is a floating PWC docking system, so as water levels change the port will adjust to current water level.